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BackMate Applicator Bars/Rubber Hammer

BackMate Applicator Bars/Rubber Hammer

SKU:6239 Easel Hinge Applicator Bar

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The Back Mate was developed for our entry level customers who are not looking to make a million backs but occasionally need to make their own.

The Back Mate allows you to make your own easel backs in 4 easy steps. Insert the hinge into the applicator bar. Line the back of the strut up with the guide. Flip hinge applicator bar and strike with hammer to apply hinge.The built in scale allows for flush or up to a 2 drop. Place the back in the notch and align the strut on the desired setting. Holding the back and the strut together position over the striking area for final assembly. Flip hinge applicator bar and strike with hammer to apply.


Why would I need another applicator bar?
The BackMate comes with the applicator bar to apply the 6234 easel hinge. This hinge will work for frames up to 8 x 10.
For larger and heavier frames we suggest using the 6239 easel hinge. Each bar has a unique set of holes and magnets to hold the hinge/hanger in place. For example to apply the 1401 hanger you need the 1401 bar.


6239 Easel Hinge
1401 Hanger
1408 Hanger
1428 Hanger


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