About Us


Craft Inc. truly is the provider of quality self-fastening and non self-fastening hardware in the marketplace today. Our “marketplace” today is the world, spanning the entire globe.


The company was started on a family farming homestead in South Attleboro, Massachusetts in 1942 at a heavily used, worn drafting table, and was incorporated in 1950. Craft Inc. remains at that same location today, continuing to grow and prosper, in a state-of-the-art manufacturing and administrative facility. The goal of Craft Inc. was, and always will be, to produce the best quality hardware possible and to make it available worldwide.


We make our own dies and tooling, we utilize high speed stamping machines, we develop superior fastening machinery to make your life easier. Where there are secondary suppliers, we work closely with them so that the quality of our products will always be consistent with your requirements.


Our employees have a sense of pride which is strong and highly unusual in this day and age. Every one of our employees is personally involved in the manufacture of our products in one way or another . . . they make sure you are a happy customer.


Feel free to call us anytime to discuss your hardware requirements or concerns; we’re here for you!