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6013 1" x 13/16" Machine Applied Hinge

6013 1" x 13/16" Machine Applied Hinge


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1" Width x 13/16" Height.

(2) 3/8" long prongs and (4) smaller stabilizing prongs. 

Maximum thickness of material for proper curl and grip is 5/16".

Available in single hinges and coil form

They can be easily applied with our ACHM and CHM machines. 

Craft Inc.® manufactures our machine-applied hinges to be pleasing in appearance to enhance the overall appeal of your wooden boxes.  Self Fastening Prongs are meant to go through the material and curl back into it. This hinge is designed to be applied with our CHM (Clinch Hinge Machine) and ACHM (Automatic Clinch Hinge Machine).

Thank you for your interest in this product. Unfortunately this item is not currently available for online purchasing. Please contact Craft Inc. for more information about this product.


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Proudly Made In The USA


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