Clinch Hinge Machine

Craft’s Clinch Hinge Machine, CHM-00, is a pneumatically operated, hand-fed machine that efficiently applies Craft’s line of self-fastening hinges to a wide variety of cardboard and wooden box shapes and sizes.

The self-fastening hinges are hand loaded into a magnetic “driver” which guides and supports the prongs and allows the hinges to be driven into both soft and hard woods, as well as some plastics. In addition, two anvils are located on the machinery whose dual purpose is to locate and support the lid and box and to “clinch” or bend the hinge prongs after insertion. The hinge drivers and anvils are fully adjustable for ease of use and maintenance.

Craft’s Clinch Hinge Machine is one of the many time savers available in our ever-growing extensive line of equipment designed to efficiently assist every box and frame manufacturer in all levels of hardware application.

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