Automatic Clinch Hinge Machine

Automatic Clinch Hinge Machine

The Craft ACHM, Automatic Clinch Hinge Machine, reduces the time and increases the efficiency of applying Hinges to the base and top of boxes. Operators everywhere depend on its ease of use and carefree maintenance.

The ACHM uses Craft’s line of Clinch Hinges which feed into the machine from a space efficient reel. In fact, one reel of Hinges will allow between 1,800 and 3,000 Hinges (depending on the Hinge size) to be applied before the operator needs to “reload”.

Each machine has dual anvils located on a special base equipped with linear bearings. Once the operator mounts the box and pushes the “on” button, the base comes into contact with a combination stop and trip switch which signals the machine to apply a Hinge. Another mechanism then clears the stop and allows the base to negotiate the second stop for an absolutely perfect Hinge application every time. All this work in less than 2.5 seconds...

Craft’s Automatic Clinch Hinge Machine is one of a kind in our ever-growing extensive line of equipment designed to efficiently assist every box manufacturer in all levels of hardware application. 

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