Easel Hinge Machine 03 Flex

Craft Inc. offers not only the finest hardware to the Picture Framing Industry, but also labor saving application equipment to fit our customers' production needs and budgets. For over 25 years, the model EHM-00 has been known throughout the Framing Industry as the indestructible workhorse in Craft's semi-automatic arsenal. 

With over 500 EHMs in the field working day in and day out, one would think we could not improve on perfection. Craft however has taken the next step and made a great thing better.

The EHM-03 FLEX has kept the strength, quality and safety of the original EHM and added versatility to its bragging rights. With its newly designed table and an available board alignment system, the EHM-03 FLEX can now be easily changed from applying our standard EASEL HINGE over to HANGERS or even our new 6230 EZ SLIDE HINGE.

These latest changes made to the EHM are a direct reflection of Craft responding to customer feedback. Listening to customers is one of our most important tools in improving upon our equipment. Customer satisfaction is what keeps Craft Inc. a leader in supplying the Picture Framing Industry.

Craft’s Easel Hinge assembly machine (EHM-03 FLEX), is a pneumatically operated, hand fed assembly device for the picture frame industry. It assembles a strut (also known as an easel, leg, stand, etc.), a back and Craft’s patented self-fastening Easel Hinge in a simple, quick operation.

The standard press is equipped with an adjustable “L” bar, which is effective in positioning the components for proper alignment and assembly. Interchangeable hinge guides allow for the selection of a large (6239, 6241) or a small (6229, 6232, 6234) hinge to suit the given frame. The FLEX is now easily changed over to apply Hangers and the new 6230 Slide Hinge. These quick changeovers and the available Board Alignment System allow customers to take advantage of the many application heads for Craft’s most popular Hangers.

The size range of frame backs the EHM will accommodate is 3” x 4” to 11” x 14” (7.6 cm x 10.1 cm to 27.9 cm x 35.5 cm).

Complete and ready to operate, the machine requires a suitable air supply (70 to 90 P.S.I) and a bench to begin assembling.

Our EHM has over 500 installations worldwide, and has proven itself, to be a reliable, effective piece of equipment.

If you would like one of sales representatives to contact you please send an email to craft@craft-inc.com

EHM-23 Hanger Disc(one disc covers all Hangers)
EHM-24 Application head for 1401
EHM-25 Application Head for 1428
EHM-26 Application Head for 1439
EHM-27 Application Head for 1490
EHM03-KIT-6230 EHM-03 kit to install 6230 slide hinges
EHM-03-STOP-KIT EHM-03 Board Alignment System kit
EHM-03ADPT-KIT EHM-00 to EHM-03 adapter kit

TERM: 50% down with purchase order (non-refundable), balance due prior to shipping.

LEAD-TIME: Machines are built to order. Please consult your sales representative for delivery.