Coil-Fed Turnbutton Machine

Coil-Fed Turnbutton MachineThe Craft “Cobra” Turnbutton Machine opens the door to efficient doorback frame applications.

Our “Cobra” Coil-Fed Turnbutton Machine (CFTBM) strikes with speed and accuracy. Our state-of-the-art system has advanced turnbutton application from a tedious, labor intensive process, into fast, cost-effective, new millenium technology. More and more customers are now saying “yes!” to the profit potential of doorback picture frame manufacturing inquiries.

The CFTBM can accommodate a range of material from .050 inches to .120 thick (1.270mm to 3.048mm). Place the board under the application head (no pre-punching necessary!) and step on the foot pedal. It’s that easy to apply our patented one-piece turnbutton. At a rate of 40 turnbutton applications per minute, there is nothing in the industry to match it.

Craft’s CFTBM is another first in our line of equipment designed to efficiently assist every frame manufacturer in all levels of hardware application. 

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