Automatic Poster Hanger Machine

Automatic Poster Hanger Machine

The CRAFT Automatic Poster Hanger Machine (APHM) has taken a time consuming and labor intensive assembly process and simplified it dramatically. The APHM can automatically apply hangers to poster board in a wide variety of sizes and positions with pinpoint accuracy. State of the art servomotor and belt drive technology, coupled with Craft’s proven coil fed hanger application system, helps minimize machine downtime and operator error.

The APHM can accommodate a wide range of poster boards from .080" (2mm) up to .200" (5mm) thick and with a size range of 9 1/2" x 11 7/8" (24 x 30 cm) up to 27 1/2" x 39 3/8" (70 x 100 cm). The APHM can handle many types of poster board materials such as MDF, HDF, cardboard, chipboard and also some types of corrugated cardboard.

Through the use of a simple operator interface, you can decide the number and position of your landscape and portrait hangers. By entering minimal information into this interface, the APHM will automatically adjust to run any combination of hangers; zero (0), one (1) or two (2) per side. This flexibility makes the APHM a must for any poster board manufacturer.

Craft’s APHM has joined our ever growing line of equipment designed to efficiently assist every frame manufacturer in all levels of hardware applications.

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