Automatic Easel Hinge Machine

The Craft AEHM, Automatic Easel Hinge Machine, is every frame manufacturer’s solution to a once time-consuming assembly job. This exclusive, dynamic piece of machinery automates the task of assembling the back, easel (leg, strut), hinge and vertical and horizontal hanger in a matter of seconds...with only one operator.

Craft’s patented Easel Hinge is the foundation of this revolutionary piece of equipment. The hinge itself has a set of “rosettes”, which when compressed onto an easel back, provides a strong connection between the back and easel and establishes the proper angle for picture frame support. The Easel Hinge, available in six sizes and styles, has become the worldwide “industry standard” among manufacturers.

The AEHM accepts a wide variety of back sizes and materials. The versatile coil fed hanger option allows the manufacturer to meet their customer’s demands with ease. The pneumatically operated machine tool comes complete with a-state-of the art programmable controller which includes a user friendly interface to assist the operator in normal troubleshooting.

Craft’s Automatic Easel Hinge Machine is a proven time-saver in our ever-growing extensive line of equipment designed to efficiently assist every frame manufacturer in all levels of hardware application.

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