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Automatic Easel Back Machine

Automatic Easel Back Machine


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Craft has been awarded the coveted "Innovation Award" from the British Fine Art Trade Guild for the year 2003. The Innovation Award winning Automatic Easel Back Machine (AEBM), is a manufacturers solution to a time-consuming assembly job. This dynamic piece of equipment automates the task of assembling the back, easel (strut) and Crafts patented Easel Hinge.
The AEBM has a State of the Art Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a Servomechanism system. By entering size data into the operator interface, the machine will calculate proper hinge position placement. Our fully automatic machine uses a continuous feeding vibratory bowl, easel tower and linear slide, allowing easels, backs and hinges to feed uninterrupted, avoiding costly down time. It will accept a variety of back materials and with a production capacity of 1,000 easel backs per hour it is the perfect solution. Crafts Automatic Easel Back Machine is part of the next generation of labor saving, cost effective designs for the ever-changing frame industry.

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