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Strut Press Machine

Strut Press Machine


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The "Innovation Award" winning Craft Strut Press Machine (SPM), is our newest tool to assist back manufacturers in producing the highest quality and most consistent strut (easels) on the market today. Using metal stamping methodology with the newest pneumatic/hydraulic technologies, Craft has finally made strut production quick, easy, and accurate.

Whether its producing stock for future use or running alongside one of our back assembly machines, the SPM is sure to increase productivity.

One person can easily run the SPM as well as change strut sizes to accommodate production needs. Craft has developed standard easel designs for a wide variety of common back sizes, but customized tooling can also be devised to suit your strut needs. The SPM can handle many types of poster board materials such as chipboard, Masonite, MDF and HDF.

Thank you for your interest in this product. Unfortunately this item is not currently available for online purchasing. Please contact Craft Inc. for more information about this product.

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